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Initiatives by ODM Group to Bring Significant Changes

Since the formation of the ODM Group, we are committed to addressing the society required urgent needs while promoting best practices to support underprivileged individuals, environmental issues, women empowerment, rural development, healthcare deliverance, and other philanthropic works. We have introduced initiatives that changed the life stories of thousands and encouraged collaborative volunteering across youngsters, employees, retirees, and their family members across the country. Let’s have a glimpse of important initiatives below.


Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan, the founder of ODM Group, believes that a strong people’s movement can ensure quality education for everyone. Our organization is currently working with 500+ children who belong to fortuneless families and tribal areas of Odisha where proper education facilities awareness is still not available. We identify and recruits promising candidates who had stopped their journey towards dream education due to the vicious circle of poverty and promoted them with scholarships and higher education opportunities. We are working on several initiatives to make education accessible to everyone.


ODM Group has been working tirelessly to foster healthcare for everyone, whether to support disadvantaged elderly, indigent individuals, tribal communities, or poor rural populations. We are reaching out to the underprivileged through various projects for necessary health check-ups, vaccinations, free medicine distribution, first-aid, hygiene initiatives, tools for disabled persons, organ donation and more. Our success has encouraged countless more to extend a helping hand to the initiatives.

Tribal Development

ODM Group’s tribal development initiatives are positively impacting thousands of tribal artisans, forest produce gatherers, and bright aspirants who have evolved substantially over the past two decades and now working together with ODM to change the community. ODM Group has proposed, initiated, and successfully operated with many tribal development concepts and later streamlined them with transparent mechanisms that will cooperate with future generations.

Women Empowerment

ODM Group has initiated multiple projects to empower women educationally and financially while helping them acquire respected livelihood opportunities. Our special women empowerment projects train rural and tribal women with their preferred skill development and financially helping them to start their own ventures. To date, thousands of women have accessed sustainable sources of income through our initiatives, and we intend to continue this in future in larger ways.

Rural Development

We believe that rural development is crucial and significant to the nation’s economy. ODM Group’s rural development program identifies and addresses the critical requirements of rural population and community such as cultivation, irrigation, education, productivity, modern farming practices, healthcare, small business setup, livelihood improvement, society betterment, and more. We have experienced a large-scale transformation of villages with our initiatives, and we intend to reach significant numbers in the near future.

Environmental Development

ODM Group has initiated several environmental development programs, including the Green India Club, to create awareness, restore degraded forests, enhance city lands, preserve the existing forest lands, conserve natural water resources, and more. We plant 100000+ trees every year with our various personal, community, and institutional care programs. Our goal is to embrace a greener future with green environmental sustainability practices.

Humanitarian Actions

At ODM, we believe that performing humanitarian acts is our duty and responsibility. From the very existence of ODM Group, we are associated with numerous humanitarian projects and offered our best possible helping hands to the people in distress. Whether it’s during the Super Cyclone, floods that strike us every year, the recent Cyclone Foni havoc, or the continuing Covid pandemic, we always have been working on the frontline to offer our support. Our contribution includes monetary donations, medicine, tents, food, and clothing distribution, healthcare services, and volunteering practices.