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ODM Group is dedicated to serve the best social and personal development of individuals and transform them through the globally acclaimed methods of human excellence. For decades, our institution has been reaping tremendous success whilst establishing valuable traditions and incredible legacies. Our commitment is to work collaboratively with individuals and nurture them with patriotism, philanthropy, and an indefatigable spirit. Our guiding principle being ‘Be Good and Make Others Good’, we patronize a strong partnership between students, teachers, and parents. I hope that all our benefactors will wholeheartedly assist in this endeavour. As we traverse from one milestone to the next, roping in technological advancement, I am sure that ODM shall carve a niche for itself on the global map in the near future.

The Person – Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan

Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan, Founder of highly renowned ODM Educational Group, is an internationally acclaimed educationist, social reformer, philanthropist, motivational speaker and writer. He has been honoured with the ‘National Award’ from the President of India in the year 2013 and ‘Education Evangelist of India Award 2020’ from the Forbes Magazine by its Indian Ambassador & Eminent Author Chetan Bhagat. He also has been conferred with DLitt Degree from the University of South America for his outstanding contribution to the field of education. Apart from these, he is the privileged recipient of many other national and international accreditations and laurels.

Born on 19th March 1961, Dr. Satyabrata comes from a humble background and still nurtures a great sense of pride in his roots that lie in the tradition and history of Odisha. He started his dream career in remote areas of Odisha and gradually rose to become of the most pioneering educationists of the state. He has established the renowned ODM Educational Group to deliver world-class education among the young generation. He strongly believes that by spreading education excellence among the young generation, which is keen to adopt modern learning practices and truly sincere to achieve success, the paramount of 21st-century education excellence can be achieved successfully.

He has authored 17+ bestselling books on Life-skills comprising 3Cs (Competency, Character and Culture), 4Hs (Head, Heart, Hand and Health) for the inspiration and emancipation of students, parents, teachers and common men. His books in ‘You Can’ Life-Skill series like ‘You Can Change Your Child’s Destiny’, ‘Art of Holistic Parenting’, ‘Change Yourself, You Can Change the World’, ‘You Can Be a Great Teacher’, ‘You Can Lead a Healthy Life’ have brought out a revolution in the field of education and successful living. He speaks on KSA (Knowledge, Skill and Attitude) as the key to success.

He promotes Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam while advocating for a healthy mind in a healthy body. As a dedicated and devoted people’s servant, he has uplifted innumerable tribal communities and destitute people while enriching and empowering them as self-sufficient human beings. Besides his treasured contribution to the field of education, he also founded Odisha’s first naturopathy health village named – Healthville to promote natural healthcare, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Pranic Healing techniques.

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